We offer sustainable effective solution to achieve maximizing potential for interior spaces. Our full-service design process includes great customer service satisfy your needs and expectation. 


Since our inception in 1991, Key International has grown to include offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Our extensive branch network is unique among furniture dealers and facilitates the servicing of our clients in both the United States and Pacific Rim markets. 

We’ll provide you with the most effective, efficient, and comprehensive solutions to achieve the ideal workplace or hospitality environment – all within your budget. 

In 2019, west coast brunch became an independent company to fulfill our new direction of our business. However, our knowledge and experiences are still remained and even expand our business wider.  


Victor Ko

Nobuaki Soi


His goal is leading Key Int'l West as a No.1 customer service provider in California. To achieve that, we gain our knowledge and hear from our clients carefully.
K.a Joben

Hanna Jung

Design Manager in Southern California branch

She created multiple magnificent spaces in this past year. Her efficiency and thoughtful customer care achieved her to be a top designer.
Richard Bauer

Yoshishige Hanaoka

Design Manager in Northern California branch

His critical analysis contributes to meet client’s needs and satisfy them more than their expectation.
Marin Julia

Shirley Shin

Executive Designer in Southern California branch

She has a great sense in color scheme and designs. Her strength is in residential and custom-made furniture which requires huge experiences.
Marin Julia

Hikaru Takahashi

Sales Representative in Southern California branch

Although she is quite a new in this company, she has already gained enormous trust and effort to our team.