Are Ergonomic chairs worth it?

Scientific facts of Ergonomic chairs

Movement is the key for our working days

There are thousands of chairs on the market, and most of people are not aware of the importance and the difference between conventional chairs and Ergonomic chairs. 
Sitting is not a resting, it's actually an activity and cause problems to our body.

Movement is important throughout the work day. Whether you’re concentrating, collaborating, resting, reaching, or contemplating, Ergonomic chairs—designed with you in mind—moves with you, providing superior support and comfort. Here are the ways Fern provides comfort and support and how we know it is superior.

Ergonomic chairs are designed by Science-based factors

Ergonomics is part art & part science, it designs things to fit people instead of asking people to fit things. The resources needed to create top tier ergonomic office chairs such as the Ergo by Herman Mill or the Steelcase Leap don’t come cheap. 

These companies spend years and tens of millions of dollars on a single product. Let's say the Steelcase Leap Chair burned through $35 million in R&D, partook in 11 academic case studies, and took just under 5 years of development to get to the market.

What features do ergonomic chairs have?

Features on ergonomic chairs are varies depends on your choice and their options. However, these are the main features support your sitting postures.

Forward tilt
Lumbar support
Adjustable height
4D arms
Adjustable seating position
Back lock

You get what you pay

$100 Ergonomic chairs? Most likely those are just an imitation product

As we mentioned above, true ergonomic chairs should be pricey because of their R&D cost. Therefore, most likely cheap office chairs are not ergonomically effective, thus those are just a imitation chairs don't have the features and benefits.
Good products can be sold by honest advertising. If you don't think the product is good, you have no business to be advertising it.

Cheap Office Chairs vs. Expensive Office Chairs